Games I’ve Made

In Chronological Order:

  1. The Box (card game)
  2. Political Capital (board game)
  3. The Conveyor Player (educational video game, assisted learning)
  4. Ministry of Silence (big game)
  5. The Witness Tree (alternate reality game)
  6. Cage Match (social game)
  7. Metrophile (big game)
  8. Basketball Solitare (sport, solo)
  9. Heartbreaker (big game)
  10. World Cup Auction Pool (organic online game)
  11. Outbreaker (mobile game, social game, location aware game, game)
  12. NFL Auction Pool (organic fantasy game)
  13. Triviaphile (big game)
  14. NCAA Basketball Derby Pool (organic online game)
  15. My3D Teleport:LA (iPhone app for Hasbro My3D viewer)
  16. A Good Player Is Hard To Find (Commissioned game for NYU Game Center’s No Quarter Exhibition)
  17. Nerf Cyber Hoops (Connected Smart Toy for Hasbro)
  18. Partners & Poisons (card game)